How to pick a padlock

First things first. Get the tools you will need as I have done so in the picture above.

This is the tension wrench. This is a huge part of picking a lock. You will need this in order to turn the lock.

This tool is known as the pick. It will be used to press down each of the pins inside the padlock.

The next best thing to do is know which way the lock needs to turn in order to open. The one I am using turns to the right as shown.

Grip the padlock firmly in your hand. Allowing you to press the "U" shape down into the lock.

Place the tension wrench into the keyhole opposite of the pins. In this case, the top. And apply pressure on the wrench in whichever way the lock turns.

Insert the pick right below the tension wrench. This will allow you to press down each and every pin on the inside of the lock.

In order to pick a lock, it is easier if you understand what to look for. The picture above shows the interior of a lock. Each of the pins, in this case on the top, needs to be pressed up.

Wiggle the pick over each of the pins starting from the far back of the lock. (Farthest from you.) Repeat this step until the lock releases and unlocks. You should hear a slight click when done right.

And that's all there is to it! Just remember it can take a few tries so don't be afraid to mess with it a little until you get it.

Watch the video: How To Open A Padlock Without A Key

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