How to make a winter village ornament

I found this ornament that totally looked like spring

I removed and saved the insides for a future spring project

Using 2 spoonfuls I covered the inside moss with the distress grit paste

It's kind of like frosting ;)

No more green! Use a toothpick to push the "snow" further into your scene

Settle your dies over watercolor paper

You need 2 cuts of each house to turn it into a 3D version

Side of the house measurements

Cut the sides, score, notch and fold

Begin the construction by adhering the sides

Glue down one side before roping with the other die cut

Hehe lookie now you just need a roof!!!

Cut a length of 6" long and gold in half. The with will depend on the width of your house mine is 1.25"

Now that the roofing work is complete you can add the die cut part that includes the windows and door! I love this one because the door can be opened!!!

It started snowing!!! Use a palette knife (i prefer my fingers) yo add the grit paste to your house

And pour a shower of glitter of course!

While the paste is still wet attach your houses inside. Once it dries your pieces will be a permanent fixture

The tall skinny house sides and roof in one length of paper with all the notches needed to be folded

Follow the same procedure

Building number 2 is ready for the windows!

Perfect 3 stories high!

Add your trees and begin the snowing part

Cover the bottom of your glass

A perfect winter wonderland. You could leave it like that or's all been drizzled with glitter inside!

Evergreen bough for the trees, so perfect!

I left it drying overnight and I'm actually painting inside the glass

Using your distress crayons paint a yard of ribbon in a color that matches. I'm using sweet spin sugar

Adhere your bow, tulle, pearls

Squirt a bit of liquid pearls and using the tip of a toothpick begin decorating your trees

See just a bit makes it shine. The liquid pearls formula will make that tiny drop to dry in a dime shape like a pearl!

Side view of your tiny winter village

Front snowed view! More from me? Happy Holidays!

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