How to cook steamed fish fillet with cherry tomatoes side

Let's start with the cherry tomatoes..

Cut them all just half way through

Put them in a pan on medium heat, and add capers, anchovies, oregano, few parsley leaves lightly chopped, salt, pepper and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.

Cover with a lid and keep the heat on medium until the tomatoes start loosing juice

In the meantime set up the tier steamer with boiling water. Place in the cod fillets cut in big pieces to fit. Add the onion thinly sliced on top

Any other fish would probably work fine, such as tilapia, snapper, sea bass or salmon, although I like white fish more for this combination.

Cover the tier with the lid and lower the heat to steam gently and get all the flavor out of the fish.

In the meantime prepare the sauce for the fish, starting by chopping the rest of the parsley as fine as you can

Put it in a cup and add the juice of the lemon half, and add as much olive oil as you want. Stir everything well to obtain a uniform emulsion. You will then obtain a green sauce to garnish the fish.

A really good variant of it is using mint leaves rather than parsley.

When the tomatoes start drying off and roasting turn off the heat.

Once also the fish is cooked, you can start by plating it, garnishing it with the green sauce and then adding the tomatoes on the side.

Feel free to add any comment or suggestion to improve this recipe or just to let me know if you liked it and/or tried it! Enjoy!

Watch the video: Skillet Cod with Tomatoes, Onions, and Peppers - Cooked by Julie episode 334

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